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Principles for Ethical Research in Australian Indigenous Studies via @AIATSISLibrary

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At every stage, research with and about Indigenous peoples must be founded on a process of meaningful engagement and reciprocity between the researcher and the Indigenous people. AIATSIS Guidelines for Ethical Research in Australian Indigenous Studies (GERAIS) ( 431 kb) were founded in 2000 with the aim of guaranteeing this process and the respect of Indigenous people’s rights.

Principles for Ethical Research

Principle 1: Recognition of the diversity and uniqueness of peoples, as well as of individuals, is essential.

Principle 2: The rights of Indigenous peoples to self-determination must
be recognised.

Principle 3: The rights of Indigenous peoples to their intangible heritage must be recognised.

Principle 4: Rights in the traditional knowledge and traditional cultural expressions
of Indigenous peoples must be respected, protected and maintained.

Principle 5: Indigenous knowledge, practices and innovations must be respected, protected and maintained.

Principle 6: Consultation, negotiation and free, prior and informed consent are the foundations for research with or about Indigenous peoples.

Principle 7: Responsibility for consultation and negotiation is ongoing.

Principle 8: Consultation and negotiation should achieve mutual understanding
about the proposed research.

Principle 9: Negotiation should result in a formal agreement for the conduct of a research project.

Principle 10: Indigenous people have the right to full participation appropriate to
their skills and experiences in research projects and processes.

Principle 11: Indigenous people involved in research, or who may be affected by research, should benefit from, and not be disadvantaged by, the research project.

Principle 12: Research outcomes should include specific results that respond to the needs and interests of Indigenous people.

Principle 13: Plans should be agreed for managing use of, and access to, research results.

Principle 14: Research projects should include appropriate mechanisms and procedures for reporting on ethical aspects of the research and complying with these guidelines.

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