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The Indigenius Queers BlakAcademic Book Club

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The Indigenius Queers BlakAcademic Book Club are three Indigenius Queers Academics through the virtue of Skype are an virtual book club. Our first text is :

Spaces between Us. Queer Settler Colonialism and Indigenous Decolonization (2011) by Scott Lauria Morgensen.


Maddee Clark

Against authenticity

“I can’t remember being as excited about a TV show as I have been about Redfern Now. Not since I was a kid and only allowed thirty minutes of TV a day by my overbearing grandmother. A scarcity of good things tends to make me more excited about them when they eventually happen – and there is certainly a scarcity of Indigenous bodies and stories on Australian screens.”

Originally posted in Overland

Andy Archipelago

My Gender Default

“One of the recurring gender issues that I face is what I like to call a “gender default.” It is a theory I have recently developed, that is, unless I’ve unknowingly read something about it and subconsciously reinterpreted it as my own. My research so far hasn’t come across the idea of a gender default theory. I  believe that gender defaulting describes the range of problems that exist in the conflict between the birth sex/gender designation and acquired or desired gender identity of non-binary individuals. Problems occur especially when one struggles with gender identity and various gender choices including the achievement of secondary sex characteristics; often referred to as ones gender morphology. I mostly use cosmetics and drag to fulfill my gender needs. That is how I exit the realm of my male default.”

Originally posted on The Postgrad Sister: A Blog about Indigenous Gender Diversity

Dameyon Bonson

A Gay, Aboriginal, Introverted Male (And Not At All What You’d Expect That Means) 

“The strong guys we pretended to be are not the strong men we have become. Being gay didn’t weaken us. It’s irrelevant.”

Originally posted on The Good Men Project



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