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When working with men you must ensure a gender secure approach.

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Each Man is different and as Men we engage differently.

We think, hear, feel and see things differently. In other words we interpret things differently both in how we receive and articulate.

If you are attempting to engage with men and are having limited success, be reflexive in your approach.

Don’t see men as hard to reach, you have labelled them by doing so and therefore already framed your approach.

Think of yourself or your organisation as hard to reach for men.

Then, find some men and ask them what their needs are. Be prepared to not being able to achieve what men need. The health system isn’t built for men and that’s where the change needs to begin.

Engaging with men takes time. You’ll need to rest each time your efforts collapse. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, cop the penalty. But also reward yourself a free kick once in a while.

And remember it’s a team effort, you’ll need men make it work.




Oh, and its gonna get a little dirty.

Mud Rugby



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