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Appendix 1: Case Study of Suicide Prevention Activities in Kimberley Aboriginal Communities

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Appendix 1: Case Study of Suicide Prevention Activities in Kimberley Aboriginal Communities

Community consultation challenges

“A third factor that slowed the community consultation process was staffing. KAMSC had planned to hire four people to hold community consultations. They hired one community coordinator as soon as they signed the contract but despite advertising the positions were unsuccessful in recruiting others. This meant that one person had to cover the entire region. The coordinator held consultations with one community at a time – a process that took almost a year, in part because of the distances and difficult travel conditions.”

The WA Auditors General’s Report “The Implementation and Initial Outcomes of the Suicide Prevention Strategy” can be found in FULL here

Audit Conclusion
The Western Australian Suicide Prevention Strategy 2009-2013 was the first to use a community development model to address suicide prevention in WA. It engaged communities and organisations in suicide prevention activities that coordinators and agency partners reported have benefited participants. However, the limited capacity in many communities to continue prevention activities without external support reduces the likelihood that the initial benefits will be sustained.
Inadequate planning led to delays in implementing the Strategy that reduced its impact. The roles, responsibilities and reporting requirements between the Council, the Commission and Centrecare were not adequately defined at the outset, contributing to delays and inefficiencies. Changes were made to address these issues mid-way through the Strategy, enabling an increase in activity and the number of community action plans. Other parts of the Strategy, such as a coordinated inter-agency approach to suicide prevention, were not fully implemented.

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