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Indigenous Suicide – Preliminary Recommendations

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Indigenous Suicide – Preliminary Recommendations

In reference to the Kimberley, the Yiriman Project should be further supported and where possible rolled out across as much of the region as is culturally appropriate.

The Halls Creek Healing Taskforce and Strategy should be further supported.

There should be adequate investment in developing cultural festivals. Three-year funding cycles should be the minimum requirement in order to enable budget stability and planning and coordination requirements.

Further funding for the charity Feed the Little Children.

Funding for LGBTI programs and projects among First Peoples.

There should arise an acknowledgment of those incarcerated as the highest need group and in supporting them with healing and with positive ways forward, in empowering them, it may well arise that this will significantly reduce the suicide rates.

Halfway houses for those needing them after being released from prison.

The Custody Notification Service which has been in operation in NSW since 1998 has led to zero police watch house deaths of First Peoples should be implemented in every State and Territory in the nation.

This would be the good start, long overdue…

“From the article Kimberley suicide rate, one of the world’s highest – Yiriman is the way to go” in
The Stringer


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