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A welcomed response from WA Minister – Hon. Helen Morton. Thank you. Dameyon

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A welcomed response from WA Minister H.Morton, thank you Dameyon
My letter to Minister Morton :
Dear Minister Morton,
I hope this finds you well.
We’ve met a couple of times. I came up to you at the SPA conference earlier this year to thank you for instigating the community action plan (CAP) approach to suicide prevention. We first met in Derby at the Aboriginal Medical Service. I was the Aboriginal CAP Coordinator for the Kimberley Region.
I’ve just seen your media release regarding funding for local Suicide Prevention projects.  As an Aboriginal Gay Man I am absolutely thrilled for this occasion. Currently, I am the only person in Australia working in the Indigenous LGBT suicide prevention space and this will assist so much. The rates of suicide of our particular group we are only able to hypothesise on because there has been no formal research. I work independently so I can focus on this issue.
My goal is to establish an National Foundation in the next  12 – 18 months to provide specifically to our group of people.
Approxamitaley 3 to 4 per cent of any population identifies as LGBTI, and therefore it is likely that 3 to 4 per cent of Aboriginal people identify as LGBTI.  So there are there are approximately 10,000 Aboriginal LGTBI people and our needs are yet to be identified and responded to. Our mental health and social emotional wellbeing is compounded by both our experiences as Aboriginal people and as LGBT people. I hav presented on this topic 7 times this year to highlight this issue. I am happy to say that Pat Dudgeon is a great advocate and too is Tom Calma, of the work I trying to achieve.
I wanted to personally reach out to you and say thank you. I am so glad this day has come and we can get on with saving more peoples lives.
I recently wrote an Op-Ed on Indigenous LGBT suicide prevention, I’ve attached for you to read.
Thanks again,
The Minister’s Response – Minster H.Morton

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