Advocating for Indigenous Genius, Indigeneity and Wellbeing

A few things.

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1. Indigenous suicide is not about culture or a lack thereof, & 

2. It is not a matter of simply pulling up your bootstraps.

3. Preventative measures need to be anti-racist not resilience building.

4. Motivational evangelicalism is not an answer, it’s a business.

5. One life saved is not enough. 

6. Lived experience is valid, but it’s needs to also be able to inform and influence change.

7. Ego needs to come 2nd. It’s ok to not know. There is no expectation to know everything. 

8. Respect those that do know.

9. The prevention of suicide is an outcome. Suicide prevention is an output. Know that difference.

10. Solutions to the front, not horror.

Dameyon is the 2016 Dr. Yunupingu Human Rights Award recipient for his work toward the prevention of Indigenous suicide.

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